About the Journal

The journal of Reading and Literacy (JRL) is the official journal of the Society for Reading and Literacy, Singapore. This is a refereed journal with interests in reading and literacy issues in both mainstream (including adult education) and special education settings. The journal welcomes manuscripts of diverse and interdisciplinary themes in the aim of improving reading and literacy.

Literacy is contextualized within a broad interpretation including traditional literacy, literacy standards, early and/or emergent literacy, comprehensive literacy, content area literacy, adolescent literacy, functional literacy, adult literacy, multimedia literacy, multicultural literacy, literacy and technology as well as any other interpretation that is of interest to the readers and the Editorial Board. Based on this broad conceptualization of literacy, assessment, measurement, evaluation, testing, programming, implementation, remediation, teaching and methodology are examined.

The journal is particularly interested in papers investigating reading and literacy from the Southeast-Asian region, and how systems and practitioners are addressing literacy issues from their respective cultural and social backgrounds.

ISSN – 2339-5001

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